Independence and diversity

Our services


RJM Aviation finds flight solutions that meet your needs. Over 40 years based in Chad, our society has developed an unparalleled experience to take you anywhere in Chad, whenever you wish.

Main services

  • Charter flights: air transport for customers without sufficient activity to have an aircraft for themselves. RJM owns 3 aircraft ready to fly in Chad or to neighbouring countries. Regular customers are: the Chad government, Europ Assistance, S.O.S. International, S.A.T.O.M., Bouygues constructions and banks.
  • RJM proposes on-demand contracts for specific customer needs. For such situations, RJM Aviation carefully chooses the most suitable aircraft for the customer’s activity in Chad. Furthermore, depending on the duration of the contract, RJM purchases or leases a specific aircraft.

A wide range of aircraft

Our fleet


In order to maintain control on its activity, RJM prefers to purchase aircraft when a mission is announced. Dedicated airplanes account for 95% of business air traffic, a key player in Chad.

Our fleet

RJM aviation owns five airplanes. Moreover, the company works in partnership for four dedicated contracts and four time charters.

The RJM Aviation fleet consists of:

  • 2 Embraer120 – 30 seats
  • 1 Beechcraft 200 – 7 seats
  • 1 Piper Cheyenne II – 5 seats
  • 1 MI8-T – 22 seats

With this range of aircraft types RJM Aviation satisfies the majority of its customers in Chad and and other countries.

Our partners

Moreover, solid partnerships with European airline companies enable RJM Aviation to propose the following aircraft for time charter or dedicated contracts:

Dedicated cotracts

  • ATR 42 passagers – 46 seats
  • ATR 42 cargo – 5 tonnes freight
  • Twin Otter – 19 seats
  • Dornier 228 – 19 seats

Time charter

  • Cessna Citation Bravo – 9 seats
  • Boeing 737 different configurations
  • Falcon 50-900 EVASAN
  • Il 76 – cargo

More information about our offer is available: please : contact us